Mt. Fuji Cycle Tours

Mt. Fuji Bicycle Tours:

Cycle Fuji 2

Enjoy Mt. Fuji nature and get some exercise at the same time with a Mt. Fuji bicycle tour; visiting some of the scenic World Heritage spiritual sites and Lake Kawaguchi by mountain bike.

Cycle Fuji

Cycling the base of Japan's Mt.Fuji is a must-do when you are visiting Japan. View the picture perfect volcanic cone all day while cycling at the foot of Mt. Fuji while visiting the beautiful Fuji Five Lakes area. We combine beautiful cycling route and cultural experience, like visiting Shito shrines, Tofu factory, Sake brewry and so on. Cycle tours in Japan are on the rise with more accessible trails and experienced guides emerging, creating an exclusive personal serene tour experience.

Tour includes the following:
    • Visting Mt. Fuji Vistor Center
    • Visiting Mt. Fuji 5th Station
    • Japanese Style Lunch
    • 150 Minutes Cycle Tour around Lake Kawaguchi World Heritage sites around Mt. Fuji

Tour Notes:
  • Bicycle Tours are available from March to November
  • 9:00am - Tour Start Time:
  • 8:00pm - Finish Time:
  • Bycyle Rental and GPS self-guided tour option also available:

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