Sumo Training Tours

The origins of sumo date back 2000 years and is based on strict rituals and traditions. This tour takes you to a real traditional Sumo Stable (Beya) where you are able to witness a real sumo wrestler training session.

The Japanese consider sumo a gendai budo (a modern Japanese martial art), though the sport has a history spanning many centuries. The sumo tradition is very ancient, and even today the sport includes many ritual elements, such as the use of salt for purification, from the days sumo was used in the Shinto religion.
Life as a rikishi is highly regimented, with rules laid down by the Sumo Association. Professional sumo wrestlers are required to live in communal "sumo training stables" known in Japanese as heya where all aspects of their daily lives, from meals to their manner of dress are dictated by strict tradition.

Sumo Wrestler Morning Training Tour
*Time: (7:30am-11:00am)
Meeting Place:
Your Hotel or JR Ryogoku Station
Tour Includes: Professional Licensed Interpreter Guide, visiting an actual Sumo Beya and watching Sumo training.

Tour Notes:
*Depending on which Sumo Stable (beya) is visited, the actual training time may vary.
*Our guide will do everything possible to arrange a sumo stable visit.
*Sometimes, the original stable may not be available and you have to change locations to visit another stable.
*Use of JR or Taxi to visit other stables are not included in tour price.
*Also on some rare occations it may not be possible to visit a stable on the date selected;
*In this case a refund will be issued (minus handling fees)
*As Sumo wrestling is a professional sport in Japan and the Sumo wrestlers practice very hard
and seriously every day, please adhere to the all rules when in the Sumo Stable.
*Tour does not include lunch.

Sumo Stable Tours are unavailable when there is a Sumo tournament, tours are usually available 1 to 2 weeks before the tourament dates, tour dates can also vary depending on location of the tournments and special sumo events. Therefore before contacting us please check the tour schedule below and please refer to the offical Sumo tournament schedule at this link first before contacting us to confrim if there is a Sumo tournament or not. Sumo Tournament Schedule

Sumo Tournament Schedule:
January - Tokyo Tournament - (No Sumo Stable Tours)
March - Osaka Tournament - (No Sumo Stable Tours)
May - Tokyo Tournament - (No Sumo Stable Tours)
July - Nagoya Tournament - (No Sumo Stable Tours)
September - Tokyo Tournament (No Sumo Stable Tours)
November - Fukuoka Tournament - (No Sumo Stable Tours)

*For more information on Sumo training tours please Contact Us