Selected Japanese Ryokans

True hospitality and comfort, below are some of the best Ryokans in Japan!

MYOJINKAN in Nagano:

myojinkanMyojinkan is located deep in the mountains on the outskirts of Matsumoto, and is quietly nestled in an environment blessed with abundant greenery and the sound of a river stream. This natural beauty, refined interior, delicate cuisine, and hospitality of the staff makes Myojinkan highly popular throughout the year. The combination of traditional beauty of a Japanese ryokan and innovative ideas derived from prominent overseas resorts produces a unique and comfortable space of Myojinkan. Myojinkan is a resort ryokan constantly pursuing what people long for when traveling and escaping from the urban bustle.


yudono2Seizan Yamato is a stylish inn overlooking the Izu mountains and the blue sea of Sagami Bay, about 90 minutes outside Tokyo in Shizuoka Prefecture. At Seizan Yamato you will be able to experience the quintessence of genuine Japanese customer-care. Every month, guests can enjoy different Japanese kaiseki (traditional Japanese) cuisine. Carefully selected seasonal ingredients are prepared with great technical skill served to you in your own private room. Choose your on Yukata design, and Dinner courses and you are even able to choose your own pillow type, five different types to choose from, if that isn't attention to detail.


kiraraThe surroundings of Shimoda Yamatokan will remind you more of Waikiki Beach or Australia’s Gold Coast then of your typical Japanese landscape. The unique Shimoda Yamatoka is located on the oceanfront property of the beautiful Tatado beach on the tip of the Izu Peninsula. The white sandy beaches and perfect waves have been a surfer’s secret paradise for ages and it is well-known as one of the best swimming spots in Izu. All rooms have a stunning panoramic oceanic backdrop and the "Spa Villa" provides two discreet open-air private charter baths for a memorable onsen experience with family or friends.


honjinHonjin Hiranoya, is a traditional Japanese style, situated on the pristine Miya River, which runs through the center of Takayama. Friendly faces and warm hospitality greet you upon your arrival. Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan is a great place for a relaxing and luxurious vacation in Takayama. The Honjin Hiranoya, has been honored with three stars from the Michelin Guide for it's excellent custom service and authentic Japanese cuisine. Here, you will enjoy the highest service while staying in a room prepared with traditional aesthetic sensitivity. Honjin Hiranoya, with exceptionally Japanese hospitality and convenient location is the perfect place to stay in Takayama.

GORA KADAN in Hakone:

gora-kadan-hakone-japan More than just a luxury ryokan, the Gorakadan is a once in a lifetime relaxation experience, restful and serene, with discreet and efficient service. Nestled in the mountains near the Hakone hot springs with magnificent views of mount Fuji. The original building dates back 300 years and was the summer home of the Kan’in-No-Miya imperial family. All rooms have tubs large enough to float in and the suites include saunas and garden-view granite baths fed by natural hot springs. Relaxing aromatherapy and esthetic treatments are also available in the Kadan Spa.


hakone-suishione A former villa of the noble Mitsui family now protected as a national cultural asset, Suishoen's design evokes a deep sense of beauty and Japanese tradition. At Hakone-Suishoen, their aim is to provide you with a stay unforgettable for its comfort. From the expectant moment when you check-in to the richly satisfied hour when you leave; from the instant you wake, through your refreshing respite in your guestroom, relaxing in the hot spring baths and saunas, and being pampered at our full-service spa.


ryokan2Founded in 1818. Situated in centre of Kyoto, convenient for shopping and walking. Dinner is finest quality Kaiseki cuisine, prepared with finesse using the season’s freshest ingredients. Served on elegant lacquer ware and Kyoto-crafted ceramics. Main Room and Adjoining Room with Approach Most rooms enjoy a garden view. En Suite Japanese Wood Baths of aromatic fir. Architecturally unified new wing opened in 2006.


hoshinoya_spaHoshinoya Karuizawa, a luxurious resort village located in the valley of the Yukawa River, was established in a fresh inspiration as a hot spring resort to showcase the culture of Japan and has taken another step forward in history. The village is situated on foot of Mt. Asama surrounded by rich and deep forests, where stream is running slowly in the midst of the village. The natural springs have garnered a reputation as "Water for Beautiful Skin". This hot natural spring was named "Myojokan" by the head priest of Enkaku-ji, a Buddhist temple situated in Kamakura, however later changed its name to the Hoshino Hot Springs, and has since carved out a history of close to 100 years.

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