Japan Rail Pass


The Japan JR Rail Pass (JR Pass for short) is a convenient free pass usable on almost all JR lines. JR is short for Japan Railways, the most prominent railway network of Japan, which operates a large proportion of intercity rail service, including the Shinkansen high-speed rail lines, as well as commuter rail service. Only a foreign tourist visiting Japan for sight-seeing purposes under the entry status of a "temporary visitor" and a Japanese national living in a foreign country is eligible for a JR Rail Pass. The JR Rail Pass Exchange Order, exchangeable at JR stations with JR Pass exchange offices in Japan, cannot be purchased inside Japan.

JR Rail Pass types and prices

There are two types of Japan Rail Pass: Green (for class upgrade reserved seats cabin) and Ordinary.
The JR Rail Pass is available as a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day pass.

Type Green Green Ordinary Ordinary
Duration Adult Child Adult Child
7-Day    ¥37,800      ¥18,900    ¥28,300    ¥14,150  
14-Day   ¥61,200   ¥30,600   ¥45,100   ¥22,550  
21-Day   ¥79,600   ¥39,800   ¥57,700   ¥28,850  

Children fare is eligible from age 6 up to age 11. The applicable price is the price valid on the date when an Exchange Order is issued.


JR Rail Pass Validity

1. Transportation Services

  • Railways: All JR Group Railways--Shinkansen (super express) (except "NOZOMI"), limited express trains, express trains, and rapid or local trains. (Not usable on some trains)
  • Buses: JR Bus Companies: Local lines of JR Hokkaido Bus, JR Bus Tohoku, JR Bus Kanto, JR Tokai Bus, West Japan JR Bus , Chugoku JR Bus, and JR Kyushu Bus.
  • JR Bus Divisions: Local bus lines of JR Shikoku
  • JR Highway Bus Lines: Sapporo-Otaru; Morioka-Hirosaki/Aomori/Towadako; Tokyo-Shizuoka/Hamamatsu/Okazaki/Toyota/Nagoya/Kyoto/ Osaka/Tsukuba Center;Nagoya-Kyoto/Osaka; Osaka-Tsuyama Car Shed/Kasai Flower Center
  • Ferry: JR Ferry (Miyajima - Miyajimaguchi), except "Beetle II" (Hakata - Pusan)

Remarks: The JR Rail Pass is not valid for "NOZOMI" Shinkansen trains. If you use a "NOZOMI," you must pay the ordinary fare and the limited express charge, and if using a Green car, an additional charge for the use of Green car cabin. Passengers using train on non-JR lines* must pay respective fares and charges applicable to sections traveled on such lines.

2. Valid Period

The JR Rail Pass is available in 7 consecutive days, 14 consecutive days and 21 consecutive days, beginning on the date the rail pass is first used.


:An Exchange Order will be issued upon purchasing the JR Rail Pass. You will present this Exchange Order at any major train stations to obtain your JR Rail Pass. This Exchange Order is valid for only 3 months. When claiming your JR Rail Pass, you will have to specify the date that you want to start using the JR Rail Pass within a 30 days period. Once the starting date has been decided, it cannot be changed.

For more information check the JR Pass website.