Japan Packages

Japan Domestic Packages

Joining a group tour for a 2 ~ 10 Day package, is the suitable and beneficial option for many. For single travelers, this is by far the most cost-effective option. Traveling in Japan can be expensive for some, so joining a large Coach Bus or Bullet Train tour is a great way to explore Japan on a limited budget.

gero onsen
Onsen Packages (Train + Hotel)
Exploring deep into the rural country side, far from the cities, may be one of the greatest journeys you can do in Japan, and staying at a Japanese Style Ryokan and onsen is truly exploring Japanese culture.

fuji sunset
Hiking Packages (Train + Hotel)
Japan is a land of steaming volcanoes, ancient temples, wild subtropical jungles and spectacular scenery. About seventy percent of Japan is covered in mountains so there is a vast variety of hikes to choose from.

Bullet Train
Bullet Train and JR Pass Packages 
On top of your list of things to do in Japan, experience speeding through the countryside with tea fields, orange groves, quaint rice paddies, and Mount Fuji providing the perfect backdrop. Eating a bento, or boxed lunch, on the bullet train, and watching the scenery going past is a wonderful way to experience Japan.

Hiroshima / MiyajimaBullet Train Package
Miyajima Island (Itsukushima Island) which is known as one of Japan's most scenic sights is located about 8 miles southwest of the center of Hiroshima-city in the Seto Inland Sea, the best and fastest way to get to Hiroshima is by taking the speed fast bullet train.

kyoto japan
Kyoto Packages (Train + Hotel) 
Discover Kyoto and Nara, from Tokyo is easy and convenient, 1~4 Day Train/Accommodation packages are available, offering choices of train times and hotel types to meet your requirements. Kyoto is a hidden treasure just waiting to be explored.

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