Hiking in Japan

hiking-japanAway from the big city, Japan is a land of steaming volcanoes, ancient temples, wild subtropical jungles and spectacular scenery. About seventy percent of Japan is covered in mountains so there is a vast variety of hikes to choose from: from a one day Tokyo exclusion to the five day exploration thru the Northern Alps; Japan has it all. Most of the hiking trails signs are often written in Japanese only, so taking a private guided tour is highly recommended for your safely. Below are a sample of the most scenic hiking trails and areas we recommend.

Hiking in Japan - Recommended Destinations

Kamikochi National Park (Nagano)

kamikochiJapan is a fascinating destination for hiker ehnthusiastics and you haven't seen Japan until you have seen the Kamikochi National Park. It's the base for some of the best hiking in Japan, with easy access and an abundant of facilities Kamikochi is a very popular place to hike. Visit the Taishoike pond located in front of the Hodaka Mountain range, and walk thru the picturesque path along the Azusa River. There is a three day loop departing from Kamikochi, this is known as Japan's ultimate alpine route, but it can also be done as a one day trip from Takayama or Matsumoto. Also due to it's close proximately, a Kamkikochi hike can be easily combined with a Takayama and or Shirakawa-go Day tour.

Yakushima Island (Kagoshima-Kyushu)


An awesome hike that takes you though the mystical island's ancient cedar forests that overlook its soaring granite peaks and mystical Yaku-shima, Japan's first world heritage site. There are daily, flights to Kagoshima the nearest city located in southern Kyushu and an incredible number of boats and planes connect the island. The mountain range includes Mt. Miyanoura which is the highest mountain peak in Kyushu.Taking a minimum of three days to explore and Hike Yakushima Island is recommended.

Asahi-Dake: Niseko (Hokkaido)

asahi-dakeHokkaido is the northernmost and second largest island in Japan. Although is accounts for one-fifth of the total land mass only 5% of the population lives there. The real beauty lies in the wilderness regions where there are few cultural monuments but superb outdoor activities. Asahi-dake is the highest mountain in Hokkaido, and offers the ultimate long hike experience over the roof of Hokkaido with lots of other hiking possibilities as well. due to the climate hiking in Hokkaido is limited to end of June to mid-September.

Tokyo Region (Day Hikes)

takao-sanThe nearby mountains and (national parks) are only rarely covered in snow and can provide a refreshing escape from the oppressive heat in the summer. Nearby hikes include: Mt. Takao, Mt. Mitake, Oze National Park and Mt. Fuji. In 2008, Mt. Takao earned three stars from the Michelin Travel Guide. This mountain has been the center of mountain worship over a 1000 years. Visiting Yakuoin shrine near the top is a very popular hike. Mt. Mitake is one of the most important holy grounds near Tokyo. Musashi Mitake Shrine on the top of the mountain has been the center of mountain worship for more than 2000 years. Along the way, you may encounter some Monks in the middle of ascetic training under the waterfalls. (For more information about Cimbing Mt. Fuji Here)

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