Japan Highlight Package (12 Days)


Japan is a land of contrast and diversity that contains amazing cultural appeal and breath taking natural wonders. We often receive enquires asking for a complete package that brings together the best of the unspoiled heritage and must see traditional culture. As a result, we have put together the ultimate introduction to Japan highlight package. This unique and fully customizable package combines the best of the major dazzling culture attractions with the rural natural heritage wonders in one complete package, so that you are able experience both traditional and modern Japanese culture.
Wander through the ancient Zen gardens of Kyoto and let loose in the neon jungles of Tokyo. This inclusive journey covers the major intact rural cultural and heritage locations, from the exquisite traditional Nara temples to the secluded mountains in the heart of Japan. This ultimate 12-day introduction to Japan includes all accommodation, tours and internal travel arrangements visiting Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Takayama, Shirakawa-go and more, offering a unparalleled combination of scenic beauty and locally preserved culture.
mt.fuji-tea-plantation Experience speeding through the countryside with tea fields, orange groves, quaint rice paddies, and Mount Fuji providing the perfect backdrop on an ultra modern bullet train. This package includes a combination of traditional and modern accommodation, stay at one of the best authentic ryokans in Japan, relax in a real Japanese style natural hot spring and experience the quintessence of genuine Japanese customer-care. As this exclusive package covers some rustic locations, we recommend that you purchase a 1-week Japan Rail Pass before coming to Japan to be used in combination with this exclusive package.

Sample Itinerary - Japan Unique Package - 12 Days

Day 1 - Arrive Osaka/Kansai International Airport

Arrive in Osaka for a night stay at a hotel you've selected. Afternoon of arrival spent at your leisure. Restaurant reservations will be booked upon request.

Day 2 - Tour of Osaka:

Tour of the Meiji Jinju Shrine, encounter the true Japanese spirit with a walk in the beautiful Happo-en Edo romance gardens and try Japanese tea ceremony. Enjoy a river cruise to visit Asakusa Sensoji Temple in downtown Tokyo, The Temple is in a trendy fashion, arts and gourmet shopping area where the latest electronics district has, Enjoy the evening at your leisure.

Day 3 - Tour of Kyoto:

Kyoto the ancient capital of Japan with world heritage temples and shrines, picturesque gardens, narrow paths lined with traditional wooden houses, and various traditional arts, crafts, culinary arts, and entertainment. Experience a combination of the most important attractions, sights such as Golden Pavilion, Imperial Palace, the Nijo Castle.

Day 4 - Tour of Kyoto/Arashiyama

Enjoy a cycling tour which travel along the 'Kinukake no michi', which is a connecting road between Golden pavilion and Saga-Arashiyama. Your cycling tour starts from the Golden pavilion, which is the most recognized tourist spot, then to exquisite Ryoan temple, where you can enjoy one of the most famous Zen Gardens in Japan, and then to Arashiyama, where you can enjoy the scenic countryside of Kyoto and the one of a kind stunning bamboo forest.

Day 5 - Shimanami Kaido Cycling Tour Day 1:

Transfer to Fukuyama by bullet train, meet your local guide and proceed to Onomichi station. From there you will start your 2-day cycling tour. Cycling through the countryside enjoying the scenic Seto Inland Sea and island landscape passing you bye. You pass over 2 islands, and 2 suspension bridges on your first day on route to the Ikuchijima island, where you will spend a night at a local Japanese Ryokan nestled deep in the heart of leisurely port town with a quiet, rustic charm.

Day 6 - Shimanami Kaido Cycling Tour Day 2:

After breakfast, get an early start and cross the Tatara Bridge to the island of Omishima in Ehime prefecture. Taking a detour off the main cycle road you visit the ancient Oyamazumi Shrine, the "Treasure of the Seto Inland Sea", this shrine has been a center of worship for soldiers and sailors from across Japan since ancient times. From here you will visit the Hirakiyama Ocean Park, before crossings 3 more spectacular suspension bridges and the islands of Hakatajima and Oshima on route to Itoyama Observatory Deck.

Day 7 - Matsuyana - Hiroshima:

Enjoy an onsen at Dogo Onsen in Matsuayama before taking at ferry to Hiroshima.
From Matsuyama take (2.5hr) cruise to Hirohoshima and enjoy free afternoon in Hiroshima.

Day 8 - Tour of Miyajima:

Enjoy a walking tour of the hidden sites of Miyajima. The Itsukushima Shrine itself is very famous and wellknown, however Miyajima has much more to offern than this. Discover the unknown Miyajima, a sacred island with a long history of 1400 years. You will hear in-depth stories of the island while visiting many of the famous shrines whileing enjoying natural and the maze-like town of Miyajima.

Day 9 - Tour of Hiroshima:

Experience a custom-made Hiroshima tour with a private local licensed tour guide. Enjoy visiting a combination of the most important attractions, such as the Peace Memorial Park and Memorial Park Museum, the Hiroshima Castle and the beautiful Shukkeien Japanese gardens.

Day 10 - Hiroshima - Izu Peninsula:

After a long adventure of sightseeing relax and experience an authentic Japanese style Ryokan, overlooking the Izu mountains and the blue sea of Sagami Bay. Here you will be able to experience the quintessence of genuine Japanese customer-care. As soon as you step through the front entrance you will be greeted by an remarkable lovely aroma, given a welcome drink, asked to choose your Yukata, Dinner courses and you are even able to choose your own pillow type, five different types to choose from, if that isn't attention to detail.

Day 11 - Izu Peninsula - Tokyo:

Enjoy a free morning in Izu before returning to Tokyo by bullet train in the afternoon. The final afternoon in Tokyo will be free at your leisure. We will make suggestions on where to visit depending on your interests.

Day 12 - Depart from Tokyo:

Enjoy a free morning in Tokyo before catching your returning flight home.

This ultimate 12 Day Highlight Package includes all accommodation, tours and all *internal travel arrangements *with the use of a 1-Week Japan Rail Pass along with this package. A 1-Week Japan Rail Pass must be purchased separately before coming to Japan (¥28,300/Person) to be used in combination with this exclusive package. Final package prices vary according to date, accomidatation type, transportation and tours.

For more information, or to start customizing your own itinerary, please contact us.